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Decolonial feminisms: gender, coloniality and development


Automne 2017


Dre Isis Giraldo, UniL,

Christine Verschuur, IHEID


1x NN, Amérique latine (en discussion) 2x NN, Europe (UK, F, NL) (en discussion)


This workshop aims at mapping out the issues at stake in the decolonial debate which has mainly emerged from the colonial experience of Latin America and articulates as a set of concerns about the colonial question in relation with social, political and economic organisation, development, gender, and knowledge production. The usage of the term decoloniality is currently on the rise and this might mean that some of the displacements the decolonial option carries out –of time frame, of colonial history, of epistemological boundaries– are starting to be visible in the mainstream academic circuit. Putting the emphasis on feminist theories and activism in a decolonial vein, the workshop aims at introducting the decolonial option and decolonial feminism presenting its terminology, its genealogy, and its tensions with mainstream feminist theories and activisms and postcolonial studies. The module invites a broad audience from both the arts and the social sciences interested in either feminism(s) and/or postcolonialism.


IHEID, Genève



Deadline for registration 31.08.2017
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