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Interdisciplinary debates on the triade of class, race and imperialism as the forgotten pieces in gender and sexuality analyses


18-19 novembre 2020

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Mme Larissa da Silva Araujo, Graduate Institute Geneva Mme Annelise Erismann, UNIL


Prof. Graziella Moraes Silva, Graduate Institute Geneva Prof. Patricia Putschert, UNIBE Prof. Rita Laura Segato, University of Brasília, BR Dre Noémi Michel, UNIGE


This CUSO workshop would help doctoral students to think of gender and race as elements of domination that are contextually embedded and conditionally dependent on a terrain of increasing class cleavages and imperial expansionism between Global North and South. Thinking of the big debate on recognition and redistribution that has shaped much of our current research in social sciences and humanities, our panelists, as representatives of sociology, anthropology and political science, will address the question of whether and how so-called identity politics has been instrumentalized to veil the harshening of class-inflected racial stratification and securitization of nation-states and their border regimes. Further, we ask the following: Has globalization propagated or erased cultural distinctiveness?; How has globalization changed the interpretation of local and global struggles in a way that moves beyond the dichotomy between anti- and imperialistic stances (for the discussion on empire, see Wacquant and Bourdieu 1999 and the response from Hanchard 2003 )? During this workshop, Ph.D. students will engage with different theoretical and methodological approaches to studying gender, sexuality, and ethnicity/race, to explore how they emerge from forgotten or undertheorized categories of class and geo-political positionings of individuals, social movements and nation-states.


Geneva, Graduate Institute






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