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Alive in the Writing: a Workshop on How to Bring the Aliveness of Fieldwork Into Your Scientific Writing (avec CUSO géographie)


mars 2021


Mme Laura Neville, UNIL Mme Muriel Bruttin, UNIL




Social science writing can sometimes feel a little bit dry and dead. Taking this into consideration, this workshop wants to offer a space to think about and test out ways of writing that feel alive and that hook in the reader. The workshop aims to give space for theoretical reflections, concrete examples and practical writing exercises that allow and encourage participants to attempt more lively scientific writing. In particular, we want to try to think about ways to bring the liveliness of our fieldwork experiences and research materials into the writing.

This workshop is primarily geared towards researchers who use qualitative methods, including but not limited to ethnographic methods, interviews, documentary analysis and archival research.

(Note: the aim of the workshop is not "how to write your thesis" or "how to write scientifically," as these activities are offered in the transversal skills section of the CUSO and can be found on the "transversal skills" page of the CUSO website).

COVID-19 related issues: we are currently hoping to be able to hold this workshop in an in-person format, or in a co-modal format (partially in-person and partially online), but if necessary, we will move the workshop fully online and adapt the format accordingly.





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